About Us

We are an institution independent of governments, political parties, philosophical and religious conceptions, with the objective of promoting civic and democratic participation. For Citizens is especially dedicated to the European Union and the European citizenship, based on the defence of Human Rights, equality, social integration, environment and the participative democracy.

Throughout cooperation with other institutions, we are implementing projects oriented to every citizen, to encourage their interest, engagement and participation in European society.

We develop scientific surveys and researches on civic, political and social movements with the aim to objectively analyse, produce and disseminate knowledge and information. Our objective is to foster social and political transformations that allow a more democratic participation of the European citizens.

Our main work areas are political sciences, foreign affairs, history, visual culture, art and memory. We intend to integrate a multidisciplinary view in our analyses in order to better comprehend the world we live in and to reach a brother audience.

Through audio-visual and other media supports, we disseminate investigation, surveys, information, as well as scientific researches.

Learn from the past, build a better future.

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We are finalising our 2019-2025 Programme. Some of the projects: International Congress, For Citizens Talks, Photo For Citizens, Art For Citizens, Cinema For Citizens, Research Journal, Radio & Podcast, Training Courses...

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In 2018 and 2019, our team will start to test the online transmission.

In 2020, our team will start to transmit, at least: 2 daily news clip, 1 weekly European history program, 1 weekly interview and 1 weekly resume of the main intervention and issues in the European Parliament.

In addition to that, every partner or other interested (and interesting!) European NGOs may present their work – they will have access to 1 hour of monthly radio transmission. Their content is briefly revised by our association before airing – to make sure it respects both European values and our objectives and goals – but the methodology and content is entirely up to the other team.

The radio will operate 24/7 online, always in english, and will tackle European news and contemporary issues: this should include debates, interviews, podcasts and other radio programmes that promote the conversation about the European project, and its challenges. Between these and the news, we are interested in transmitting music made exclusively by European artists.

We expect an increase in democratic participation from the European citizens, considering that having access to a proper radio, related to European affairs, will foster more awareness about the European Union’s past, present and future. Additionally, our European radio is intend to be a space for critical thinking and discussion in order to empower both participants and listeners.

With the radio, For Citizens aims to help closing the gap between the European Union’s Institutions and its citizens.

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Radio One - Jazz

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Radio Two - Classical Music

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Radio Three - Lounge

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Our President's Message
Europe has been facing new challenges in the past years, such as the refugee and economic crisis, which contributed to the rising Euroscepticism and anti-migrant political alternatives. These tensions resulted in Great Britain’s exit from the EU and fed right-wing political parties like French National Front, Alternative für Deutschland, Italy’s Northern League and the Freedom Party in the Netherlands.

To tackle the rise of anti-migrant, anti-European and anti-democratic movements it is important to raise awareness about the intrinsic values of the European Union and the importance of the civic and democratic participation by European citizens for the future of the project and, therefore, of peace, welfare and tolerance as well. The aim of this project is to foster active citizenship and a democratic Europe based on Human Rights.

Our Institute will host diverse initiatives, including positive debates about the future of EU, which will allow the citizens to think about what kind of Europe they want. By exploring its history, achievements and possible future, we intend to bring the debate to the public sphere, to schools, to clubs.

The future of Europe will depend on all of us. Get involved! Make the future!

Felix Soares


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Rua do Sol à Graça, nº 69, 1º Esqº, 1170-364 Lisbon, Portugal, Europe