Youth Assembly

Our association is teaming up with the European Association of Young Educators once again, this time to gather students from different backgrounds and origins in a common place to debate local, national or European issues. The activity, dedicated to youngsters between the ages of 14 and 20, aims to develop their speech, debate and leadership skills, so that they can play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable, cohese and inclusive community.

“We aim to provide them with a fully immersive experience in consensual politics and raise awareness towards diversity and the importance of dialogue and compromise when dealing with others. For starters, the participants must face an election – a way to engage more people, the voters, and to include a representative role and responsibility among participants -, an online electoral procedure will take place in order to select the representatives for each region at play. Following that moments, Young Educators will host a general training session about citizenship, participation and democracy, in order to make sure that every member has the proper tools. Furthermore, if possible, the participants will have the opportunity to visit political institutions to understand its functioning and purpose. Finally, the assembly gathers to discuss contemporary issues and its conclusions will be published on our website and advertised amongst our partners.

The programme is based on the scope of the debate – each participant should be perceived as a representative for his peers and respective region and must be prepared to debate the correspondent subjects. For example, considering our underway projects, at the local level they will discuss fair trade and small economies; at the national level the debate may be about the implementation of a certain migration policy; lastly, at the European level we prefer themes related to the European Union, even though external affair and international politics may come up.”

Can you help us in expanding this programme to reach new audience? Let us know!