For Citizens Talks – Me and the EU

This initiative seeks to bring the citizens closer to the civic society and public sphere of thought, debate and action. For Citizens wants to foster dialogue between different stakeholders, understand their points of view and take advantage of any possible consensus or common ground to promote further cooperation. By creating a safe space for critical thinking and dialogue will help European citizens to use the available information and come up with suggestions and alternatives. We believe that this is a crucial strategy in order to ensure a sustainable, fair and free future for our European society.

The European project has suffered many threats in the past months/years, but it managed to outlive them – even if not so comfortably. In order to prevent similar trends, For Citizens is hosting meetings with different communities to understand their perspective and opinion in regard to the European Union and its role.

By giving voice to the common citizen, we intend to understand the relationship between them and the EU and how we can improve it. Moreover, this interaction brings small scale social actors together, which will foster social inclusion and cohesion in the long-term as well.
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